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Designing and manufacturing elite bone models and surgical trainers that enhance the features and benefits of your medical devices.

Encoris / PCNL kidney trainer

the only life-like, hands-on percutaneous nephrolithotripsy training model for targeting kidney stones


Encoris’ Medical Models are Anatomical and Visually Stimulating: Professionally Showcasing Your Implants

We manufacture a vast array of anatomical clear acrylic bone models, hands-on demonstration models for patient education, sales rep demonstration, trade show display, and surgical training. Our medical models are custom designed to help medical device companies and clinicians better show and demonstrate their medical devices and maximize skills training.



Train anywhere without the need for x-ray equipment or cadavers.

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Realistic, tactile surgical training models that are pathology-specific to your training needs.

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The only hands-on percutaneous nephrolithotripsy training model for targeting kidney stones.

See PCNL kidney trainers


Save money and deliver a new, interactive experience to help better sell your medical products!

I really enjoyed the visit and seeing firsthand how Encoris operates. Over the next 2-3 weeks I will be in touch to schedule a meeting with you and our core teams to brainstrom our AA)S ideas/concepts. I am truly exicted about our partnership- we have an opportunity to do great things for both our teams. Thank you!


“Encoris is amazing! I have worked with many vendors to build models for demo purposes. Not only are they quick to respond but, they help you every step of the way. I would recommend Encoris to anyone looking for high quality models with superior customer service!

Megan MacDonald I Project Manager, STRYKER

“Encoris is amazing! I have worked with many vendors to build models for demo purposes. Not only are they incredibly quick to respond to inquiries, they are there to help you everystep along the way.

Jim is great at showing you new technologies they have, sending pictures, quotes, and ensuring he has all the information he needs to get the job done perfectly. He is always looking for ways to improve the models and extend their life, as we all know workshop models can get pretty beat up. The clear acrylic models I received looked amazing; the color logos printed on the bases looked so sleek and really popped. I didn’t want to send them out to our rep I wanted to keep the for our office! I would recommend Encoris to anyone looking for high quality models with superior customer service to accompany them!

Megan Mac Donald I Project Manager, K2M

I’ve been in field sales for 20+ years with Smith & Nephew. We’ve had a variety of models built and sent out into the field…this is by far the classiest and most well-received knee model I’ve ever seen.

The surgeons also appreciate the models and can’t get enough of them!

Matt Krebbs I Knee Sales, Knoxville, TN

We built a one-of-a-kind product franchise. Products were complex, novel, and proprietary. To be succesful, you overcame many business and technology obstacles to deliver world class products.

The medical community’s response was beyond expectation! The tactile performance and clinical utility of the models was superb. Within the first year of introduction, these products became market leaders, responsible for the training and education of thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.

VP Marketing

The demo kits, the ones we did for MIVO, are the nicest in the industry!

I’d like to continue down that path.

R. Campion I Director of Marketing, Zimmer Biomet

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New Kidney Model & PCNL Trainer is Changing the Industry

New Kidney Model & PCNL Trainer is Changing the Industry Until recently, the most realistic way to practice percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), or removing kidney stones, was by use of cadavers or animals. Additional PCNL training models on the market were clear...

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Encoris is a five-year-old, Holland, Michigan-based company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of clear, custom skeletal models that are used by medical device companies like Stryker Orthopaedics, Johnson and Johnson, and Medtronic to educate and promote...

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