S2T SMART TRAINER–Training anywhere without x-ray or cadavers.


Tired of soaring surgical training costs, locating cadavers, and exposing yourself to harmful x-rays? Say goodbye to surgical training of the past and hello to the future: the S2T Surgical SmartTrainer from Encoris. 

Our patented product, the S2T Surgical SmartTrainer, is  revolutionary – a mobile, customizable, tactile training system designed to reduce the need for cadavers and exposure to harmful x-rays. At the same time, our patented surgical training platform is simple to use. No need to worry about a complex system here. In other words, the S2T Surgical SmartTrainer is user-friendly at its core.

The new surgical training technology significantly reduces overall training costs and helps improve surgical skills training. The S2T safely provides unlimited opportunities to train surgeons, students, and clinicians, offering comprehensive surgical, product, bio-skills, and sales & marketing training on the latest MIS medical device technologies. 

“I had the opportunity to visit with Encoris, and witnessing the technology first-hand was certainly exciting. This new non-cadaveric training model promises to reduce training costs and will help expedite product launches.” Read full letter here > 

—Eric D. Major, President, Stryker Spine

The S2T training system is modular, allowing users to easily interchange the bone anatomy for whatever the training need. An unlimited number of bone models can be customized and manufactured with specific pathologies, highlighting the features and benefits of the medical device. Cadavers are limited in supply, deflated, used once, and expensive. The S2T SmartTrainer is unlimited in supply and a game changer!  

  • Non bio-hazardous
  • No harmful radiation
  • Customize bone anatomy specific to the device or procedure
  • Train on several pathologies in one sitting
  • Perform surgical training over the Internet to the masses
  • 90% reusable
  • Easily portable/Web interfacing

The S2T Surgical SmartTrainer by Encoris provides the ultimate in remote surgical training. No longer is surgical instruction limited by geographical location, as the S2T can be used to teach students and surgical newcomers around the globe.

In addition, the desire of Encoris is to create The Smart Trainer Initiative, a charity that promotes surgical education to the poorest parts of the world.

With replaceable anatomy, the S2T can be used to easily demonstrate almost any surgery. Here are a few areas that will benefit from this new surgical training technology: 

  • Spine surgery
    • Posterior Trainers for TLIF, PLIF, Discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinous Process Fixation, Access Instrumentation and more…
    • S2T Lateral Trainer launching next
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Endoscopic Training
  • Bio-skills training for Fellows, Residents and Clinicans
  • MIS Surgery
The SST System can incorporate any section of the body


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Rich visuals and tactile anatomy


Full live action


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