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Clearly Superior Implant and Procedural Education

With FlexBones flexible orthopedic models, you can demonstrate implants on-the-spot to provide clearer, more thorough teaching for medical device marketing/sales and patient education.

FlexBones open more doors to versatility than any rigid acrylic model or sawbone workshop bone could ever provide.

Whether implant pathways are embedded or self-drilled, the pathways expand to provide repeatability, tactility, and a solid implant hold – deploy the implant and watch its features & benefits in full action.The material is flexible, leaving no footprint of the medical device behind once it is removed. FlexBones can be color tinted or opaque.

FlexBones offer the best of both worlds as static displays or hands-on demo models!


FlexBone is completely customizable for your unique needs. You have a choice of clear or tinted colors, but even better, FlexBone can be created with pathology in place. This is excellent for teaching purposes and device demonstration. For example, you could add the following pathologies or more to your FlexBone:

  • Bunions
  • Fractures
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Spinal deformities

In fact, FlexBone is ideal for illustrating deformity corrections.


On average, FlexBone costs 30-40% less than acrylic models. Yet, even at this reduced price, FlexBone provides an attractive, versatile, and professional-appearing tool that has applications for sales, education, and patient interaction.

FlexBone is an innovative cutting edge alternative to the orthopedic models of the past. As a truly versatile tool, FlexBone provides exceptional visualization of implants in conjunction with accurate anatomy. There are many benefits to FlexBone as both a demonstration and educational aid.


Unlike acrylic models, FlexBone is not subject to breakage. In fact, FlexBone models are virtually indestructible. There is no longer any need to worry about dropping or transporting your models. This durability is accompanied by flexibility. FlexBone can be bent, manipulated, poked, and prodded – it will always return to its original shape. This benefit extends to implants. After an implant, such as a screw or pin, is removed, FlexBone is still usable – even if the implant has been in place for an extended period. FlexBone provides the ultimate in reusability among anatomic models.






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