Our development process not only delivers accurate models quickly, but also keeps you fully in-the-know—reducing design risk woes and heightening your confidence  before making the leap into production. With over 15 years of manufacturing experience , we understand the project development process, material applications, goals, and the critical factors that determine successful product outcomes and time-sensitive launches.


We custom design models that best highlight the features and benefits of your device.  From napkin sketches to CAD drawings, it begins with your imagination.

Planning and Cost Analysis

Open collaboration brings the possibilities of your idea closer to reality. We listen, research options and present the best
methods for showcasing your products’ features and benefits. Our process process is efficient and ensures everyone is on the same page.  Once the details of the project are captured, they are submitted to customer service for pricing, with quote turn-around within 24-48 hours.


Our design team and CAD engineers digitally enhance any given bone anatomy and customize it to include any number of pathology or working features, all in real-time with your expertise driving implant placement. Once completed, CAD drawings of your model are furnished for final review to include a full bill of material. Upon final approval, your model is 3D printed and matched with implants for a final accuracy check. Isolate bone anatomy for a more focused, cost-effective solution!

Final Review and Production

The end results are quality products that drive attention and enhance your overall marketing, sales and patient education goals.  Better show and demonstrate your products!

Thank for your incredible service regarding the Tritanium display models you recently delivered at short notice to Paris – they are exactly what we wanted! The fact you were able to turn this around was absolutely brilliant! Thanks to you and your team.

Michael Ormond
Marketing Manager, Knees, Stryker Europe


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