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Our model-making processes and manufacturing disciplines span a multitude of medical product segments–given our knowledge of physiology and its tactile behaviors, we can customize vascular product solutions designed to help you better show and demonstrate your medical devices and surgical procedures.
Professional anatomic models are perfect for showcasing medical devices used in vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, and peripheral vascular procedures. Such devices may include stents, catheters, clips, and filters. The various interventional and diagnostic procedures that utilize such devices are myriad, and anatomic models allow these procedures to be demonstrated and taught to professionals in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, and Interventional Radiology.

Some examples of relevant procedures for these models include:

  • Angiography

  • Angioplasty

  • Atherectomy

  • Bypass for peripheral artery disease (PAD)

  • Dialysis access creation and maintenance

  • Embolization

  • Stent placement

  • Vein grafting

  • Venous stripping

In fact, exact anatomic models are ideal for patient education for any endovascular or peripheral vascular procedure. A model of the lower venous system could additionally be used to illustrate interventional/cosmetic therapies, such as various varicose vein treatments.

Our models are also useful for the instruction of disease processes, even when procedures are not being discussed. For example, deep venous thrombosis (DVT), vascular insufficiency, and progressive diabetic issues all affect the venous system of the lower extremities and can be explained using our detailed models.

Most people are visual learners and can more easily comprehend and digest information when they can see it demonstrated for themselves. This is why our models make an excellent choice for both instruction and exhibition.

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